my turnips are selling for 596 bells today and i dont have any turnips omg

i guess if anyone wants to come sell real quick you can message me your fc and i’ll give you mine. it’s 4pm in my town and i’ll do this until re-tail closes or until i don’t feel like it anymore

all i ask is that u don’t steal anything lmao

Anonymous said: I'm so very attracted to your Cecil

aw anon u made him blush

a year ago i drew a thing that was sort of similar to this? it’s long since been deleted off my computer and my blog but basically it was just.. matching icons of cecil and carlos wearing flower crowns. it was so bad omg.

anyway here’s some flower-adorned babes

"i’m done editing this" i say as i continue editing this


So look at the fleeting stars with fleeting eyes and feel how the earth beneath you gives.

- Welcome to Night Vale: Old Oak Doors Part B


Dylan Marron & Cecil Baldwin being cuties at the WTNV panel at SDCC.


Here’s the picture of Dylan and Cecil by itself, if you wanna…reblog it or something.


Do you know what’s better thank Dylan Marron dancing? No you don’t. There isn’t anything better.


OMG HELP there’s a (rehearsal?) video backstage, with Dylan dancing here too, filmed by Cecil


From Dylan Marron’s Youtube


lookit him the front-runner of the weenie parade