"definitely libertarian street artists"

there’s a sheep in acnl named curlos and he’s got big eyebrows i’m so glad


typographists are amazing talented people and deserve very much respect

i am NOT a typographist

(pls full view tumblr is a buttface)


weenie hut jr’s: THE MUSICAL // a mix for this post featuring such weenie anthems as:

1. honey, honey - mamma mia 2. matchmaker - fiddler on the roof 3. the hair song (?) - hair 4. the ballad of cat ballou- cat ballou 5. all i do is dream of you - singin in the rain 6. the surrey with the fringe on top - okahoma! 7. the trolley song - meet me in st louis 8. bless your beautiful hide - seven brides for seven brothers 9. defying gravity - wicked 10. you’re the one that i want - grease ((8tracks))

art by nikittypaprikaI AM SO SORRY


AU where almost everything is the same except cecil went through a teenage goth furry phase and met carlos weeb extraordinaire in hot topic and it was True Love


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yeah!! and it kind of fits right along with canon because idk when you’re setting this fic but he totally could have learned how to do it through his experience with the desert behind the oak doors.

it takes place early on in their relationship so i think i’m going to have him be all rambly like,

"i’m sorry i always make you defend me cecil it’s just that i dont like killing things and actually i’m working on an invention right now so i don’t have to do that!!"

and then later he perfects his weenie gun with what he’s learned on the other side of the doors



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you can have carlos’s gun be a super scientific one he made that like. sends things into different universes so that he’s getting rid of the danger and being brave while simultaneously not killing anything.

omg.. that’s perfect

there are some things i’m doing in this nv fic (the one where cecil’s knees heck up and carlos carries him) that i haven’t done in nv fic before so it’s sort of weird

like i wanted to emphasize that walking around in nv is dangerous but i’m not v good at writing actions scenes omg. also i cant decide if carlos is too much of a weenie to use his gun bc on one hand he’s a weenie who would never kill anything but on the other hand he’s rly brave. idk

i DO know for sure that cecil is walking around night vale taking down giant arachnids with an old rifle while wearing purple cowboy boots and a leather jacket. that much i do know.

Anonymous said: ah, thank you so much for such an in-depth reply so quickly!! ;;u;; and oh gosh wow-- yeah, I'd never really analyzed the source of the tentacles in fanon, but it makes sense that it was inspired by lovecraft, unfortunately :(( I hope you have a nice day!

no problem anon! i hope you have a nice day too - u -

Anonymous said: Hi there! I hope you don't mind this question coming out of the blue, but I stumbled upon a post of yours talking about how certain cecils were more canon than others (abridging post for the sake of wordcount!) and you mentioned tattoos that were paying homage to a "racist asshole". Would you be comfortable explaining what you mean? My personal cecil has tattoos and I want to make sure I'm not accidentally contributing to the fandom's racist tendencies :///

oh gosh that post got so much more popular than i thought it would like i was just mad one day because someone was hating on girly cecils so i was like, okay but girly cecils aren’t as bad as ur fanon design because of this, this and this and out of context it might not make sense to some people

but basically the tattoo bit refers to the popular tentacle tattoo headcanon that’s said to have originated at a reference to cthulhu (i think?) and hp lovecraft. lovecraft’s brand of horror often had racist undertones and he was a known white supremacist.

some people adopt it from others without considering the origin, which is not necessarily bad because some people just don’t know, but i don’t think that cecil palmer would be the type to have cthulhu tattoos in canon considering that he is very anti-racism. 


We all like to talk about that “Running like Naruto" phase that all dorky weaboo kids go trough, but what we don not talk enough about is the later “Sitting and eating like L" phase that all dorky weaboo teenagers go trough